Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church

1st Lady

What a wonderful privilege it is to be the 1st Lady here at the Tabernacle of Praise (TOP) Christian Church.  I thank God everyday for allowing me to witness her birth, growth, and development as my husband and pastor, Dr. W. L. Nathaniel, Jr., carried her in his heart, spirit, and mind. As we partner together on this journey, I am learning that what you see, truly cannot be compared to the things that God prepares for us. Partnering with my husband in the decision to leave California meant choosing to leave behind excellent careers and truly take the step of faith.  I can now internalize the meaning of “obedience is better than sacrifice.” The decision to leave what I thought was my security and my comfort zone has been a far greater blessing to us.  I clearly see how God was ordering our steps.  As we continue to fulfill this vision, God continues to capture the hearts and trust of faithful men and women who are now loving members of the TOP family.

As a native of Memphis, I feel honored to be able to return home after living away for over 30+ years to carry out this divine assignment. I have been given this awesome opportunity to share with our church family, my personal experience of who God is in my life, and the miracles that I have experienced along this Christian sojourn. I serve as the chairperson of the Women’s Ministry (Wings of Faith”), a Sunday School Teacher, a member of the Deacon and Minister Wives Ministry, and a member of our sanctuary choir.

Because I am an eyewitness to what God has done, I am fully persuaded that my faith and my works will truly speak for me as I continue to water the “seeds” that are being planted here at the TOP.   My prayer is that myself and every member of the TOP family will continue to be “F.A.T.” (Faithful, Available, Teachable) for the purpose of being use by God to passionately contribute towards the ultimate goal of “Kingdom Building!”

There is Always Room at the TOP!

We invite you to visit us at Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church Sunday morning for worship service. Our worship service starts at 10:00 AM - Come Out and Be Blessed.

4325 Hacks Cross Road
Memphis, TN 38125

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