Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church

Vision Statement

The Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church is the body of Christ, and with the Holy Spirit as our daily Comforter and our Guide, we are able to perform great works that benefit one another, exercise our faith, and minister to the needs of an ever-growing congregation and the surrounding community.  Every baptized believer in Christ in this church family has been endowed with spiritual gifts and abilities to perform in some area of ministry.  Our greatest challenge is allowing these gifts and abilities to be developed, shaped, exercised and nurtured by God.

Accepting this challenge means:

  • Choosing freely to live a Christ-centered life that is totally committed and conformed to the will of God
  • Gaining an understanding and a good working knowledge of the Word of God, through diligent study, which serves as the foundation for keeping the vision ever before us
  • Relying totally upon the Holy Spirit to guide, discern truth, communicate God’s will, and control all action, thought, motives and deeds
  • Willing to make the necessary changes in our lives for the good of the body, understanding that God is committed to developing us into spirit filled Christians who reflect His image

As we pledge ourselves to the work before us today – that of building a spirit-filled life, one that is committed to God, His work, His will, and His people – our vision must be about MINISTRY!

  • Ministry to our families and our youth
  • Ministry to our men and boys
  • Ministry to our women and daughters
  • Ministry to single parent families
  • Ministry to displaced and dysfunctional families
  • Ministry to the helpless and the homeless
  • Ministry to all persons in need

We will accomplish this vision by:

  • Erecting a facility to accommodate the growth of our congregation comfortably in an environment conducive to worship and spiritual growth, with a focus on state-of-the-art educational facilities for effective Christian Education endeavors
  • Growing spiritually and numerically so that capable and devoted persons are developed, who will offer their services, spiritual gifts, and abilities to keep this church open to the community every day of the week to minister to the church and community needs
  • Giving according to God’s Word to support all endeavors of ministry
  • Developing activities and counseling centers for troubled families
  • Establishing a major economic development program with service enterprises that rescue our neighborhoods from economic impoverishment and also employs and empowers people at the same time.
  • Establishing housing projects for seniors, struggling families, abused women, and abused children
  • Establishing funding for scholarship funds and creating new scholarships as required to assist our young people with their college education and other higher education
  • Establishing health care programs for families and seniors who cannot afford proper medical treatment

This is indeed a tremendous task set before us but all of this and more can be accomplished.  I know we can do it because my Bible tells me in Phil. 4:13; “that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

So just remember:

  • OUR  MISSION is to attract and win souls to the Lord, develop them to Christlike maturity and empower them for a meaningful ministry in the church and a life mission in the world in order to magnify God
  • OUR  BUSINESS is to develop effective lives for God’s glory: bring them in…build them up…train them forth…and send them out
  • OUR  PRODUCT is changed lives

We are indeed a blessed people and we are well on our way, remembering if God be for us – who can be against us!  As we move forward to meet this great challenge of the 21st century, let nothing and nobody turn you around for the “best is yet to come.”

There is Always Room at the TOP!

We invite you to visit us at Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church Sunday morning for worship service. Our worship service starts at 10:00 AM - Come Out and Be Blessed.

4325 Hacks Cross Road
Memphis, TN 38125

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