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  • Built For The Challenge

    God has designed and empowered every believer to initiate the change, the turnaround, and the breakthrough that you so desperately desire. So no matter what your current situation is…you must learn to exercise a radical & fearless faith, keep standing on the promises of God, and believe your way through the challenging periods in your life. […]

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  • Six Step Creed for Abundant Living

    Here is a six-step creed that I strive to live by. If you follow these steps, you can be assured that you will be successful against any challenge you encounter. I see myself as a child of God so I live distinctively different from the world. I am a different breed of believer. I walk […]

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  • Knowing Who I Am

    I understand that even as a believer, I am going to encounter some obstacles. But because I know who I am and whose I am, I don’t start tripping because the Bibles states in 1 Cor 10:13; “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man [this simply means that what […]

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  • Seek God

    Stop asking people for directions to places they’ve never been. They feel obligated to give you an answer but they don’t have a clue about where God is taking you and what He’s preparing you to do. There are places that God is going to take you that nobody else [mama, daddy, partner, girlfriend, co-worker, […]

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  • Dr. Nate’s Nugget of Knowledge:

    You cannot lead people into anything or to anyplace that they don’t have the vision to see. So occasionally, God will give you a preview of the coming attractions in your life because He wants you to be excited about your destiny so you will endure the process that leads to the promise. Remember: the […]

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  • Be Encouraged

    The George Zimmerman trial has been front & center in the news for a while now. Consequently, it has often times been the topic around the water cooler or coffee breaks at work, and there has been a virtual plethora of thoughts and ideas bombarding the airways on FaceBook and Twitter.  In light of the […]

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  • Identify Theft

    The way that your identity is tainted and obscured by the world is a form of “identity theft.”  I see it happening in the hearts of men and women I minister to all the time.  Many feel that they have no place to go and no place to turn. If you’ve ever felt lost, struggled […]

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  • Talking With God

    Learning to Talk with God If God is our BFF (best friend forever), then it is important to understand how to talk with Him.  We communicate with God through prayer. Whenever you pray, you should know why you are praying and what you are praying for. Your faith must be developed to a point where you can trust […]

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  • Passion For God

    Take a moment and think about someone you really love (or once loved). This can be a friend, spouse, parent, child, or anyone as long as you are sure you loved them. How did you treat them? How did thoughts of them make you feel? What did you do to consistently show them how much […]

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  • One Touch

    Some of you are wrestling with God right now, “Lord, when is my past going to stop influencing my present? Are you big enough to give me back what I’ve lost? I’ve tried it in my own strength, and it’s not working!”  I encourage you to surrender your will to His will; reach out for a […]

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