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Dr. Nate Talks

  • Who Are You Fighting?

    One of the realities we all come to is that sometimes we are in the right fight but with the wrong people. We believe we are really at odds with a co-worker, another church member, or even the person we are in a relationship with. But when we come to the realization that it’s not […]

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  • Faith vs. Common Sense

    Everything you read from the Bible will not make sense; but if it’s from the Word and you receive it…it will make faith.  I always make a concerted effort when I teach/preach to break this Word down so it is understood, but some things might be new or unfamiliar, so it won’t make sense.  In […]

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  • Fasting Information

    Four  Kinds  Of  Fasts: The normal fast is going without food for a definite period during which you ingest only liquids (water and/or juices).  The duration is predicated upon your directions from the Holy Spirit.  An extended fast should not be attempted without consent from your medical advisor!  The absolute fast allows for NO food […]

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  • Care Enough To Confront

    The Today’s English Version of Prov. 24:26 says; “An honest answer is a sign of true friendship.”  It is much easier to remain silent when others around us are messing up, but it’s not the loving thing to do. Most people have no one in their lives that love them enough to tell them the […]

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  • Stay Away From The Tomb

    After Jesus got up from the grave, He didn’t just continue to hang around the tomb.  He stayed at the tomb long enough to talk to Mary and have her deliver a message to the disciples.  After that, He left and never went back.  The tomb was a symbol of something designed to keep Jesus […]

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  • United We Stand

    With all of the advances in education, environmental consciousness, medicine, technology, space exploration, etc., there is still an area where our nation struggles to advance.  This is the area of racial unity.  In many areas in the great city of Memphis, there exists this schism between races.  Even on Sunday mornings when churches gather all […]

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  • Strength for Today

    I’m back.  I took a self-imposed hiatus because I allowed the adversary to convince me that it was not important whether I posted anything or not because nobody is interested really.  But when I checked back and saw that there were pending comment from people I didn’t know, I realized that it is not about the […]

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  • Faith vs. Fear

    When you obsess over problems instead of looking to God for solutions, the enemy will magnify your fears. If he can’t get you to worry about the present, he’ll remind you of everything that could go wrong in the future! Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “All I have seen, has taught me to trust God for […]

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  • Faith Factor Part 2

    There are many people in the world who have obtained a level of success, by society’s standards, that are not Christians.  These persons are a testament of their individual skills and talents and not a testament of faith in God.  If we are not careful, as believers, we will try to obtain our success by using […]

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  • The Faith Factor

    For as long as I can remember, I have heard about this thing called “faith.”  But it wasn’t until much later in my Christian walk that I began to discover, through the study of God’s Word, the real significance of ‘the faith factor’ in my life.  Once I became a believer, my whole desire in life […]

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