Tabernacle of Praise Christian Church

Dr. Nate Talks

  • The Missing Ingredient

    On this last day of the first quarter of 2010, I’d like to share with you something you know about, but may not be taking full advantage of its potential.  This is the ingredient that ushers you into the presence of God.  This ingredient is powerful because wherever God is…POWER is present.  This ingredient leads […]

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    I have several pet peeves, some more irritating than the others.  One of the most irritating on my list is speaking to a customer service rep who cannot answer my question.  The whole point of asking a question is to receive a response.  When a request is not acknowledged or seems unheard, it’s easy to […]

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  • Getting Through To God

    In order to know you are getting through to God, it is important to understand how we can communicate with Him through prayer. Whenever you pray, you should know why you are praying and what you are praying for. Your faith must be developed to a point where you can trust in God to answer your […]

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  • TLC

    Everyone likes a little tender loving care – a.k.a. TLC.  It’s not that we’re self-centered or selfish, peculiar or particular, but we all like a little TLC every now and then.  This is why we patronize businesses that cater to their customers and their needs.  That little TLC is what keeps you coming back for more; […]

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  • TOP News

    God is truly blessing us at the TOP!  We had another spirit-filled service at church today and God added another soldier to the TOP army.  God has blessed us to now have the personnel and the expertise in-house to create multiple ways to get the “good news” out to the masses. 1.  You can go […]

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